Nely Galan, Founder Statement


Twenty years ago I was working tirelessly to try to carve out a career in television, when suddenly the station that I ran for someone else was sold—and just like that, I was out. Then my employer said ten words to me that forever changed the course of my life—"You need to get your own chips, these are mine.

Out of my anger, I started a new business, so that I could “get my own chips.” For four years, I didn't make a penny, but I had always heard my boss say that it had taken him ten years to make money in his business. So, like him, I never gave up.

In the fifth year my business turned around and I finally started making money. I invested it in real estate, endured two horrible economies and learned to survive through both.

In this last terrible economy, I did not panic because I had taken care of myself financially. Instead, I went back to school, remodeled my house and spent more time with my son.

That is my dream of for you, my Hermanas Latinas: that you gain the economic freedom to make choices for yourselves and for your children.

To be fair, I have worked for 5 billionaires; I have attended every workshop about investing and money; and I have been to therapy (to cleanse the baggage and feeling about money that we all carry).

The Adelante Movement is my gift to you. We will provide you with the information, the resources, the access and the connections for you, too, to finally "get your own chips."

Please join me.
Now. Here. Go! Adelante!

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