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June is about the subject of Fear

I have been meeting so many of you around the country and the big thing that comes up is fear, and feelings of giving up. I feel fear everyday so I can relate, and as you get older it gets worse. But we are not alone…we are all in the same boat, and I encourage you as I encourage myself to not give up. This is our moment, our time and fear is not a fact— it’s just a feeling.

I felt fear this month when I spoke at the Social Innovation Summit at the United Nations. So many remarkable people spoke and I got intimidated. I breathed through my fear: I spoke about all of you and my dreams for all of you through Adelante and all went well.

Right after I spoke, a beautiful Peruvian girl came up to me who runs Peruvianhearts.org to help girls in Peru go to school. As a girl who was adopted by American parents she took her own pain and has made magic with it. Remember, that in your pain is your answer.

What if I had let my fear take over and I had not shown up at the UN? If you don't show up nothing can happen.

I want to remind you that I am speaking in July at the NCLR conference on Sunday, July 20th from 1-3pm. Adelante will host a workshop on Latinas and Technology on how Latinas are using that technology to build their personal brand or promote their business…and are making money! Then we will have a panel of Latinas from Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Comcast on how to effectively use their company’s resources to expand your brand and increase your revenue. For more information on the conference, please visit NCLR.org.

In last month’s newsletter I shared with you a bit about a free online training course for women entrepreneurs that our partners at The Coca-Cola Company are developing and will soon be available on the Adelante website. But we started to think of how else we can support the large number of Adelante members that are entrepreneurs or are thinking of going into business for themselves. There is tons of information on the internet on how to start, run, and even sell or close a business but determining what is quality information you can use is where the frustration lies. Guidance and support from each other is needed so entrepreneurs can discuss their ideas, frustrations, and fears. If these are the reasons that are keeping many of you from thriving as a business owner then we at Adelante need to address these issues.

Hermanas, we also want to hear from you. Are you currently a business owner? Thinking of going into business on your own? How can Adelante help you succeed? Send us an email to: info@theadelantemovement.com.

In our quest to help Latina business owners, we reached out to our friends at the Women’s Business Development Center in Chicago who are doing a fabulous job at helping business owners in English and Spanish! On Saturday, June 14th, they are hosting their 16th Annual Early Childhood Education Entrepreneurship Expo. If you are thinking of opening up a child care business, either at home or center-based, or looking to grow your business, then you should attend this day-long conference. For more information, visit: www.wbdc.org

Ladies, I want Adelante to be your home, where you not only feel loved and understood but where you are also pushed to reach your highest potential. I believe in all of you.

Now! Here! Go! Adelante!